This key will be used to show what each project we've done includes.

CU Headset.jpg

The Goal

Trident launched it's new unique and extremely refreshing chewing gum called X-Fresh. The goal was to allow users to experience this freshness in an innovative way, and to associate the brand with iciness and cold. 

The Idea

Create a 4D VR experience that is completely sensory and overwhelming. Make it available and appealing to the target market. 


The execution

Using an HTC Vive, 4 air conditioners, and some magic, we created a scene in a cold mountain, with Trident packs falling from the sky. If you grab any of the packs, the air conditioners turn on giving a blast of cold and freshness. We implemented at key locations such as the best parties in town every weekend, and created cool zones everywhere from clubs to the beach. 

The reactions

Thousands of party goers went on a instant journey to the highest and coldest mountains, and the reactions were priceless. The fresh breeze and burst of cold was very much appreciated in the Beirut hot summer weather and the experience was simply one of a kind. 


Client: Mondelez

Agency: Starcom

Goal: Capture first reactions to the new Marvellous Creations. 

Cadbury launched their new Marvellous Creations, filled with jelly and popping candy, which create joy and surprise. Cadbury wanted to capture these first reactions in a fun and unique way.

The face analyzer is a machine we built that analyzes people's emotions and interacts with them accordingly as they are tasting the chocolate. It uses facial analysis software to recognize features such as surprise, happiness, confusion, disgust, anger and fear.

The machine would give messages depending on the different reactions, and when the person smiles big enough, a photo of them is taken and printed out instantly. They also could share the photos on the different social media platforms.

The reactions were brilliant and over 2,000 photos were snapped throughout a 10 day period.


Client: City Centre Beirut - Majid Al Futtaim

Goal: Gather donations for those in need during the  holy month of Ramadan. 

Idea and Execution: We built a donation photo booth, that allows people to insert money to donate. Then a camera would open and a photo is taken and printed with a thank you note. The photos could also be shared on social media through a special sharing booth.

UNDP VR-01.png

Client: UNDP - Live Lebanon

Goal: Show the attendees of the Lebanese Diaspora event the development projects being executed by the UNDP

Idea and Execution : We drove across Lebanon to the rural areas being worked on and shot 360 degree footage of the major projects being implemented. We displayed these projects on VR headsets during the exhibition to immerse the guests and give them an accurate idea of how funds are being allocated. 

UNDP 360 Video
redbull soapbox thumbnail-01.png

Client: Red Bull

Goal: Provide a souvenir for the Friends of Red Bull section that will remind people of this unique event.

Idea and Execution : 2 photo booths were installed along with a large green screen that puts people inside a soapbox. The scene is engaging as the soapbox is in a jump and the props were racing helmets and goggles. 

2 instagram booths were installed as well that print photos when the event hashtag was used. 

Over 600 photos were distributed throughout the 3 hour event.


Client: Masdar Institute

Agency: TGP

Goal: Generate awareness on social media about Masdar Institute's open day while giving a chance for people to win valuable prizes. 

Idea and Execution: We built a custom vending machine that holds boxes filled with prizes. This vending machine only vended when a question was answered on Twitter and has a certain hashtag. 

elle et vire thumbnail-01.png

Client: Gabriel Bocti - Elle Et Vire

Goal: Associate the Elle et Vire fat free yogurt with fitness and gyms.

Idea and Execution : We embedded sensors in a punching bag and programmed it to trigger a vending machine if it was hit hard enough. The vending machine was custom built to be portable and the difficulty of the punching bag could be easily changed to accommodate different demographics. 

The punching bag was placed at the Mzaar Summer Festival as well as different sports activations and created a huge buzz and competition among attendees. 


Client: Adidas

Agency: Carat

Goal: Display uniquely the new Pure Boost X to the right target audience. 

Idea and Execution: We built a transportable levitation display that was moved throughout different gyms across the country. The shoe would levitate and create surprise and buzz at key locations.

Levitation magnet

Client: Adidas

Agency: Carat

Goal: Drive traffic, awareness and sales during the opening week of the new ABC Achrafieh branch.

Idea and Execution: Stilts wearing soccer player suits were deployed at all entrances of the mall with a soccer ball that was filled with keys. We also had adidas promoters around the mall wearing branded t-shirts with instructions to open a lock box they were carrying. If the key doesn't open the box then it probably opens a big I "heart" adidas element that was placed in front of the store. All these boxes have vouchers inside that give buying incentives. 

People went crazy looking for the players, promoters and the store. Sales were incredible and people's reactions were superb throughout the 2 weeks. 


Client: UNDP - Live Lebanon

Goal: Leave the expats with a lasting and impressionable souvenir.

Idea and Execution: We built a photo booth that removes the background without a green screen. People would input their names at the start of the experience, and would then be transported to a street with their name on it. It was a super fun and engaging concept that had people calling each other and getting streets named after them . The photos were printed and shared on different social media platforms. 


Client: Bassma, an NGO helping people in need. 

Goal: Gather donations for the different causes supported by Bassma.

Idea and Execution: We built a donation photo booth, that allows users to select a specific cause, and insert money to donate. Then a camera would open and a photo is taken and printed with a thank you note. The photos could also be shared on social media through a special sharing booth.

Donate Animation

Client: Al Mana - Aston Martin

Goal: Drive attention to the new Aston Martin through a VIP crowd at the ultimate motor event.

Idea and Execution: A big white wall was installed with copy telling people to post on Instagram to get their photo printed. The venue, as well as event and attendees was a perfect Instagram moment for any attendee and the wall that had photos mounted on it grabbed the attention of the VIP crowd thus generating a lot of traffic on the hashtag. 


Client: Agha Sarkissian, a major home appliances reseller.

Goal : Entertain kids and families at a major summer festival.

Idea and Execution: We took fridges, washing machines and all other home appliances up to the summer festival, alongside big screen in front of them and turned the area into an appliances controlled arcade center. People would be able to play Pac Man and Flappy Bird by pressing on microwave buttons or touching the fridge. 

The kids and their parents loved it and spent endless hours competing and playing games.